We conduct trials in Polish courts

Are you facing a hearing before a court in Poland? Due to the specificity of some cases, e.g. commercial cases, a higher level of due diligence is required during the proceedings. Most cases are complex and require the preparation of numerous letters, applications and claims, and it is often impossible to obtain a favourable judgment without the assistance of a law firm.


Give us a power of attorney in your court proceedings! We will take care of drafting the pleadings and conducting your case. As a rule, you do not have to be present at the hearing. We will safeguard your interests in a proper manner and present proposals for further action based on the legal and factual situation.


Additionally, not only disputes but also registration cases, very important from the perspective of an entrepreneur, are heard before the courts. In this respect we provide individual consultancy or we can handle all the formalities on your behalf!

Kamil Hupajło Attorney-at-law

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