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In order to set up a limited liability company it is necessary to have minimum capital of 5 000 PLN. The limited liability company is formed on the basis of the articles of association of the limited liability company or the memorandum of association, if you plan to operate as a one-man limited liability company. This document must be concluded in a form of notarial deed.

The easiest way to do this is by legal means, such as seizure of movable property, wages, bank or other debts, charging the obligor with a compulsory mortgage, prohibition to sell or transfer real estate, prohibition to sell a cooperative ownership right to premises, or establishing a compulsory administration.

It all depends on the case and its complexity. Some cases take a month to process, but others can take up to several months or even years.

The amount of fee depends on the type of case. If you sue someone, the court fee you have to pay depends on the amount of the claim being asserted. If the amount claimed exceeds PLN 20,000, the court fee will be 5% of that amount.

The contract should specify the type of contract, indicate the date and place of conclusion of the contract, designate the parties to the contract, the statements of the parties, the duration of the contract, designate the method of termination of the contract and information on the liability of the parties. Of course specific types of contracts can require other mandatory provisions, that’s why contracts shall be drafted by lawyers.

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