We draft and verify contracts

Most people enter into contracts virtually every day. Sometimes we are not even aware that a simple purchase is also a contract, or more specifically, a purchase contract. The seller’s benefit is the delivery of the purchased item and your obligation is to pay the price for this product. Lawyer’s work goes a step further – we deal with the creation and verification of any type of contract. This includes civil, commercial matters, contracts with consumers or other business entities. We will undertake all negotiations and draft agreements on your behalf.


We know from experience that the proper formulation of the provisions contained in the content of the document allows to avoid many inconveniences. Contracts are tailored to individual needs and adapted to Client’s area of specialization. We will prepare all the necessary documentation for you. We will also assess the risk resulting from your contracts, both concluded and terminated, and prepare a comprehensive legal opinion on them.

Kamil Hupajło Attorney-at-law

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