We establish companies in Poland and in other countries

Many potential entrepreneurs wonder how to run a business. No wonder, because the idea for business itself is not enough. You still need to put it into practice and set it up in an appropriate legal form. What will be best in your case?


We will set up a company in Poland or abroad for you. In this aspect we specialize in offshore companies, especially in the so-called tax havens. Thanks to us you will benefit from a broadly understood tax optimization and at the same time reduce the costs associated with your business. Appropriate selection of the form of conducting business activity to the profile of the company allows to limit expenses related to taxation. When choosing the jurisdiction, using our knowledge of practical application of offshore solutions, we will take care of all the formalities on your behalf.


For example, we can register a company in almost every corner of the world. Unfortunately, there are fewer and fewer good jurisdictions to establish an offshore company. That is why we may set up a standard business in Poland or e.g. in United Arab Emirates, Cyprus, Delaware, Hong Kong or other tax haven.

Kamil Hupajło Attorney-at-law

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