We negotiate contracts

Preparing a contract is a process that involves not only the drafting of the text itself, but also its appropriate presentation to the contracting party. In this aspect, negotiations preceding the conclusion of, for example, commercial agreements, are a very important stage. Proper conduct of talks with the other party is often the key to efficient cooperation with contractors. The participant of each business negotiation may not be aware of it, but he is exposed to several risks – first of all, he will certainly be manipulated by the other party and may not be able to present his arguments on his own. We will take care of this for you!


A well-designed contract with favorable terms and conditions allows you to build a stable future in the development of your business. Additionally, if a dispute arises between you and your contractors – a good method of solving problems is the negotiation plane. The court road is in fact the last resort. With our help you will adjust all formal issues to your needs. Moreover, we will take care of adjusting the terms of the agreement to the issues discussed at the negotiating table.

Kamil Hupajło Attorney-at-law

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