How to make electronic signature?

24 czerwca 2022
/ Wiktoria Ronc

If you plan to run a business in Poland, it is worth getting an electronic signature and a trusted profile. These solutions will make it much easier for you to deal with authorities and are necessary, among others, to set up a company. It is worth mentioning that registering an entity with the help of an electronic signature does not require coming to Poland, thanks to which you can save not only money but also time. However, for that purpose it is first necessary to obtain a PESEL number. How does the procedure look like? Where can you obtain an electronic signature? Find out in this article!


How to obtain PESEL number?


If you are a foreigner, you can register yourself here to get a PESEL number. Here, however, you must live on Polish territory. If this is not possible, you should submit an appropriate application to the local office. Then fill in the application for a PESEL number, which you may download from the website or obtain directly from the said office. In the application you have to provide selected information concerning the document which will confirm your identity. The application may be submitted personally or with the help of an authorized representative. The procedure is free of charge and carried out without undue delay. Remember that later, in order to obtain an electronic signature while being abroad, it will be necessary for you to confirm your identity at a Polish embassy.


Electronic trusted signature or qualified signature?


It is worth pointing out that in Poland a qualified electronic signature can be used, which is paid and allows signing business documents. A trusted signature, on the other hand, does not require payment, but is intended only for communication with public administration bodies. In this case it is necessary to obtain a Trusted Profile in order to use the trusted signature and to obtain it, it is necessary to confirm your identity and obtain a PESEL. A qualified signature, on the other hand, does not necessarily require obtaining such a number in the municipality office.


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Here it is necessary to point out, however, that the trusted profile has certain limitations. You will not sign with it i.a. tax declarations and tax information. The trusted profile is valid for 3 years and can be extended after that time. However qualified signature depends on the period for which you buy the service.


How to create a trusted profile?


To register, use the Trusted Profile portal. Then you should apply for a profile confirmation. The procedure should take about 14 days and after that time you have to come in person with an ID document to e.g. the Social Security Office, tax office or embassy to confirm your identity. It is possible to open an account without leaving home, but in this case it is necessary to sign the application with a qualified electronic signature. Some banks offer the option of doing this through e-banking.


What is a qualified signature?


A qualified signature, on the other hand, is an external service that requires an investment of up to PLN 300 gross. In return you will receive among others a cryptographic card and dedicated software, which will contain the so-called qualified certificate. It confirms that the signatory has the authority to perform a given action, which will then have legal effect. A qualified signature is an alternative to a handwritten signature.


Any doubts about the procedure?


If this is the case, it is worth contacting me! I will take care of all the formalities for you and guide you through the various stages of the entire process. Thanks to me you will obtain your qualified signature much faster and save time! Feel free to contact me!

Autor: Kamil Hupajło