How to set up a company in Poland?

8 listopada 2021
/ Wiktoria Ronc

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I receive many questions from our clients about doing business in Poland. Contrary to appearances, many foreign entrepreneurs are not aware that a company can be established in Poland electronically. In this aspect many doubts also concern costs as well as many particular formalities concerning not only the registration itself but also functioning of a company in Poland. How does it look like in practice? How to establish and run a company in Poland? Find out in this article!


Can a foreigner set up a company in Poland?


It depends. In this respect, the law divides foreigners into two basic categories – some may undertake business activities in the same way as Polish citizens in Poland, while others will be subject to certain limitations. In the case of foreigners from countries that are parties to the Agreement on the European Economic Area, it is possible to undertake and perform economic activity on the same  principles The same applies to countries listed in art. 4 sec. 1 of the Act on the principles of participation of foreign entrepreneurs and other foreign persons in economic turnover in the territory of the Republic of Poland, i.e. the United States, Sweden or the Netherlands, among others.


Can I establish a company in Poland electronically?


It is possible and it is worth using the S24 portal run by the Ministry of Justice. In Poland, a company can also be established traditionally in the form of a notarial deed, however it is connected with a higher cost. Via the Internet through S24 it is possible to establish:

  • limited liability company,
  • general partnership,
  • simple joint-stock company,
  • limited partnership.

What are the costs of establishing a company in Poland?


In case of registration via S24 all payments will be done online. The portal automatically transfers the entrepreneur to the e-payment system after passing all the stages of company formation. What costs will you incur while registering your business in Poland?

  • An entry to the National Court Register (KRS) in the amount of PLN 250,
  • a fee of PLN 100 for publishing the first entry in „Monitor Sądowy i Gospodarczy” (the official journal), on the current income account of the district court accepting the application for registration of a company.


Establish a company in Poland 100% electronically!


In order to register, it is necessary to create a document that constitutes the articles of incorporation. The form depends on the regulations governing the particular type of company. In this aspect, I assist my clients in setting up a business in a form that suits their business best. I will take care of choosing the right legal form of business for your concept and present all the pros and cons before we proceed with the actual registration of the company.


 What if I plan to set up a company in a form other than electronic?


If we are unable to form a particular company with the help of S24, I will take care of all the formalities and guide you through all the procedures! Contact me and we will discuss the details. I will prepare all the documents necessary for registration, including resolutions and National Court Register forms. Moreover, I will submit them on your behalf to the appropriate office or court of registration. Check it out!

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