Relocate your business to Poland

2 maja 2022
/ Wiktoria Ronc

Relocating a business to Poland is an extremely optimal solution. However, changing the business environment in practice is not as simple as it might seem. Polish regulations are favorable for foreign entrepreneurs, but a number of formalities must be completed. In relation to new companies, the legislator is in no way more restrictive. The catalog of benefits resulting from the relocation is large. In particular, it should be mentioned here a relatively large market, membership in the EU, an extensive service sector or attractive labor costs, allowances and many others. Moreover, Poland has qualified specialists in various fields. Is it worth to transfer your business to Poland? Find out here!


Starting business activity in Poland – which form should I choose?


Here, in principle, running a business can take several forms. The most popular forms are sole proprietorship (JDG) and limited liability company (sp. z o.o.). Definitely more often a limited liability company is preferred, because it provides greater security in case of e.g. obligations of the company. Then the entity (LLC) is obliged to fulfill them with its assets, and not you directly as in the case of JDG. In this case as well I usually suggest my clients operating as a limited liability company, however everything depends on your individual needs and specifics of your business. Moreover, it should be noted that the sole proprietorship form of business will require you to have e.g. an appropriate residence permit. Here we need to think over what legal conditions will apply to your business in Poland.


How to start your own business in Poland?


Relocation of a company is subject to legal regulations applicable to Polish entities. In the case of conducting business in the form of LLC, it is necessary to adapt to the regulations of the Commercial Companies Code, which is the basis, as well as the Accounting Act and the Tax Ordinance. Moreover, it is necessary to adjust to the so-called special regulations resulting from the acts. So where to start?


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The first matter after choosing the legal form is drawing up the articles of association. The next step is to register with the National Court Register and then, in the case of VAT payers, with the Tax Office. Finally, there is the Social Security Institution (ZUS), to which you have to report your company in terms of social security benefits. Remember also to open a bank account and apply for licenses or permits if they are necessary for your business.


Are you planning to relocate your business?


There is nothing stopping you from keeping your company’s current organization. This includes how you manage and your employees. Everything depends on individual legal circumstances. For example, in some situations it is worth taking advantage of the recently popular Estonian CIT, whose condition is, among others, employing 3 people. Also remember to transfer all your accounting records to Poland and get help from local accountants. This is because from 2022 a new system of tax regulations is in force, the so-called New Polish Order, which may seem quite a complicated solution at first.


You’re not sure how to relocate your business to Poland?


In this situation I will provide you with detailed advice on relocation. I will take care of the formalities on your behalf and help you with running your business in Poland. I will make sure you register your company in the country, as well as take care of all the necessary steps concerning the migration documents for employees and others. If you have any doubts – feel free to contact me! I will try to answer your questions in detail.


Autor: Kamil Hupajło