What is a zoning plan?

16 marca 2022
/ Wiktoria Ronc

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Spatial development plan of a town (MPZP) is a legal act created in a descriptive and graphic form. The document is created by the municipal or commune council. In practice, it may also be repealed due to another plan. The local development plan defines the final shape of its construction, development strategy, as well as rules concerning how further development of urban infrastructure is planned. What should you know about the urban development plan? Find out everything in this article!


What is its significance?


To begin with, it is worth noting what zoning plan is in practical terms. Let’s assume that you have decided to build a property – before you start the first works or choose a house design, you need to pay attention to the guidelines that apply in the given area. They are placed in the zoning plan in the scope of which your building plot will be included. If the MPZP has not been adopted, you will have to individually apply for the issuance of development conditions for your property. MPZP is a document which specifies the intended use of the land, the location of particular public investments and the manner of development of the land.


Zoning plan is not a planning act – it is an act of local law


This follows directly from the provisions of the Act on Planning and Spatial Development. In addition, according to the Constitution of the Republic of Poland, acts of local law are a source of universally binding law. The local zoning plan enables the investor to obtain a building permit. In addition, a Polish citizen may submit comments to the local zoning plan and take an active part in discussions on such plan.


What specifically is included in the MPZP?

  • the type of building which may be erected in a given area,
  • the permitted height of the building,
  • an indication of where access to the property to be built will be created,
  • what can be built next to the property.


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